Legitimacy of an Offer in Compromise

Legitimacy Of An Offer In Compromise – Is this a legitimate program the IRS is really doing?

When people read all the ads on the Internet about how they can save “up to 90%” of their taxes, or settle for “pennies on the dollar”, they wonder if it is really true. Well it is true, except that it doesn’t happen as easily or as cheaply as advertised.

The offer in compromise program has existed for many years. Since 1992, the IRS has been publishing information on this program. There are many pitfalls one can be a victim of. If you want to avoid them, please see the main video offer in compromise page, and the offer section under the “free advice” tab for more information.

The main purpose of this page is to let taxpayers know that the program is real. I have negotiated successful offers in compromises for dozens of clients or more. I have also lost some offers due to taxpayers giving up during the process. 

If you qualify and don’t give up, we will get you the tax settlement you deserve! 

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Getting an offer accepted can be a very trying experience for many taxpayers who “bare their sole” to the IRS. They need to know everything financial about the members of your household. The financial institutions where money is at and the account numbers must be disclosed. The places where each person works, and any assets they own or have an interest in must be disclosed. This causes fear in many people.

That is one reason an experienced professional should be consulted when filing an offer. Please consider our services.

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